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My background is as a Psychotherapist (originally UKCP – UK Council of Psychotherapists  accredited) with core training in all the foundational humanistic psychologies: Gestalt, Rogerian, Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I then studied relationship counselling (becoming a COSRT accredited therapist – College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists) with interpersonal dynamics and systemic thinking in the foreground. This has equipped me not only to work directly with complex human relationships but also with organisational dynamics taking a whole system approach.


I took this psychotherapy background into business consultancy over 20 years ago, working through my own company, as well as with a number of different leadership consultancy firms. In 2015 I became a Senior Affiliate with Aberkyn, a McKinsey Company (www.aberkyn.com). We are a leadership and culture transformation community. We make change personal, at scale and systemic. The work we do is on the human side of transformation because we believe that organisations don't transform, people do!


If you want a consultant to work with your team dynamics, I can bring a fresh approach combining business and personal psychology with a good sprinkling of passion and reality. I will bring to you innovative models that will help sharpen your impact on real business issues. I will increase the courage of the team, re-wire your ways of working to up your performance and lead you into deeper trust of each other.


If you want a coach or counselor who can provoke and work with you as a whole person, I can contribute a rich variety of angles to the areas you want to grow in.


On my journey to unlock human potential I have pursued knowledge in releasing the effects of trauma, be that severe and complex traumas such as those suffered by survivors of sexual abuse, or milder traumas that nevertheless leave us with private avoidance techniques that continue to put glass ceilings on our growth and capacity. I have seen these effect the most senior and capable of leaders. I have had the privilege of founding and continuing as a Consultant to a charity providing specialised support for male and female survivors of rape and sexual abuse of every age (www.lifecentre.uk.com). Having the skills to work with complex trauma means that whatever you throw at me is not going to phase me. It also means I understand the importance of going deeper safely, leaving clients put back together again and not just irresponsibly taking lids off.


I have found this background gives me a particular dexterity to bring a deeper level of executive coaching and insight to leadership development at the most senior level. I provide a bespoke support that goes beyond the standard coaching models.









“The deeper territory of leadership involves collectively listening to what is wanting to emerge in the world, and then having the courage to do what is required.”

Joseph Jaworski 'Synchronicity'


My commitment is to find the magic in listening with you and then freeing you up to access your innate courage.






"Maggie delivers insight and wisdom with creativity, compassion and gentle humour. She was my trusted sherpa as I navigated the professional and emotional aspects of a career change."

Director of Integration and Strategic Projects

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