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"Maggie has the confidence to interface deep theory with experiential psychology, in such a way that leaders go away having caught what they have been taught."

Fergal McDonnell

(Head of Leadership Development for Ideal Standard International)





Bespoke training programmes designed in consultation with you around your particular needs at this time, the dynamics of your system and the objectives you want to achieve. I bring a combination of business and psychology theory, delivered in a way that relaxes the defences, using somatic wisdom and challenging emotional intelligence.



"We engaged Maggie to help the Leadership team with the dynamics of Team Systems and how we as individuals form that. She helped bring insight to the team we have today and the team we want to be for the future. Maggie has a fantastic ability to educate, engage and endear herself to all of us. As a result, we built a fantastic understanding of our individual and team bioenergetics, stress and how we deal with it, how we as a team form ourselves for our future and how we can be more effective."

Ed Alford (Vice President of Enterprise Systems for the BP Group)


"Maggie joined us when we needed to explore some team dynamics that weren't at their best. We had all experienced a wake up call from some individual behaviours that had caused real discomfort and threat. With speed and agility, she dug out the source of the issues and quickly built a programme to get us back on our feet again. A really great intervention that delivered a positive outcome."

FTSE 100 Company (Anon for confidential and legal reasons)


"Defenses are unnecessary walls that we use when we seek to protect the truth we are afraid isn't in us. These walls become the very obstacles that keep us separated from the prize we are striving to attain."

Macrina Wiederkehr


Previous programmes have designed space to work on:

leading through change

trip-wires and high points of different personalities

the art of excellent conversations

maximising your personality style as a leader

leading from the core

leadership character under pressure

understanding personality styles (using Bioenergetics as a model)

team dynamics and cohesion



“leadership programmes that open the mind, relax the defences and energise the journey”


If you are an HRD/Head of Talent/Team leader who would like an external consultant to work with you to design a targeted programme for your company, please contact me to book an initial telephone consultation and/or a design meeting to scope your objectives and create a programme tailored to your context.




"Maggie brings a breath of fresh air to the executive coaching scene. Her material is deeply thought through and yet delivered at a level that makes it easy to absorb, compelling to work through, and really useful in the real world of the office. Take a course with her and it is bound to open your eyes- and your mind - to some new possibilities."

Nick Folland (Group Director - External Affairs at the Co-op Group)


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