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"we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"

Anais Nin




My experience of senior executives is that they crave the value of creating thinking space for reflection, but without it getting a boundaried space in the diary it just seldom happens. With relentless virtual meetings and communication in every time zone, there is precious little time for loved ones let alone for what is perceived as 'time for yourself'. In the coaching space we find a multiplication of time that comes from investment in reflection, reframing, analysing, pausing to actually see ourselves and others...with humility and strategy. From this place of tailored personal learning, new possibilities are found, courage reinvigorated and human dynamics unravelled once again.



“Everybody needs a Maggie!”

(CFO, Swedish bank)


"In the hustle and bustle of everyday business life, I rarely have the time to personally think, or reflect on changes that occur. This is where Maggie comes in. A fantastic personal coach that provides a qualified ear to listen, share learnings, and has the ability to just get you thinking."

Retail Director, FTSE 50 company


“Maggie brings a truly fresh perspective to the increasingly busy world of Executive Coaching. She will wow you with the depth of her thinking and practice, surprise you with her easy and trusting style, and deliver great results in a short time frame. A truly engaging person to partner with in your search for personal development and greater self-awareness.”

Nick Folland (Group Director - External Affairs at the Co-op Group)


"Maggie is a great coach. She helped me get perspective, reflect and reframe situations, as was needed or helpful at the time. She also challenged me plenty, while I always knew and felt that I was in safe hands. That way I took more risks, opened up more options and knew that Maggie would help me navigate all of it, with skill and care."

Group HR Director, FTSE 50 company

“Maggie is a gifted coach and counsellor – one of the very best. As someone who counsels senior business leaders every day, I find my journey is much easier and my own counsel much clearer now that I have Maggie alongside me to help me articulate and make sense of my own experiences and patterns.”

(Senior Partner McKinsey & Company)

"what lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you."

Ralph Valdo Emerson

Photo: Neil Laughton - scaling Mont Blanc

I work with individuals as well as providing team coaching. I have been team coach to many top teams, working with them as a whole team as well as coaching them individually to support the team growth in performance.


Coaching can be arranged virtually or in a beautiful private location in Chichester West Sussex, in central London or by agreement in your own location for team coaching.


Coaching packages with defined goals can be agreed with a business to service your wider performance targets for key individuals within the company and dovetail with any broader strategy you have in place.


Individuals wanting bespoke coaching can also contact me directly either as a private arrangement or with an invoicing arrangement with your company.


I can offer individual or team coaching either through my own business, Essence Partnership ltd, or though McKinsey & Company where I am contracted as a Senior Affiliate. Working with McKinsey we can support you with a larger team of experts.


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public speaking coaching

This page outlines the public speaking package that I offer to help train leaders and those needing to communicate publicly.

confidentiality in coaching

Here I explain how my coaching sessions are a safe space to learn, and outline my confidentiality policy.


"Maggie Ellis is an outstanding coach and developer of senior level executives. Maggie creates an environment in which challenges can be discussed openly. She provides simple and effective tools for improving performance at work. I have benefited enormously from my time with Maggie and have gone on to achieve things that I never thought possible as a result."

Barry Trubridge (Former Head of Strategy, Retail Banking - in one of the leading banks)


"Everyone needs a coach. Name the leading sportsperson who doesn't have a coach or the top doctor who isn't always learning. Maggie has an unbelievable clarity of thinking. She is challenging – but very constructive with it - and never fails to leave you positively focused on the real issues that need to be addressed."

CEO, Leading Leisure Company


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