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This is a highly confidential service. I work with many high profile people and understand the need for absolute discretion and a safe place in which to be real. Confidentiality is limited only by circumstances in which the counselling relationship cannot legally or ethically maintain confidentiality. In such a situation, wherever possible every attempt will be made to communicate first with you the client, explaining the reasons for the need to pass on information and to whom this will be given. These exceptional circumstances are:


Safeguarding Children: if information is disclosed that a child is at risk of significant harm there is a duty under the Children Act to pass on this information to Children's Services or the Police in order to do what is possible to see that child protected. This includes any illegal activities defined by the 2003 Sexual Offences Act.








Serious Harm: if planned serious harm to the life of yourself or another person is disclosed there is a duty to pass this on to the appropriate authority (GP, Police, etc) in order to do all that is possible to see that person protected.


Offences under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1987.


Other than these exceptional circumstances clients should be assured of their privacy.



“Maggie’s way of relating to me created safety for me to explore ideas and thoughts I was afraid of thinking about, let alone speaking about.  She drew on a variety of skills and resources to open up more ways for me to think. I found it helpful to look from outside myself and see the physiology of entrenched emotional habits, in addition to hearing about current research and medical findings. I also valued the more creative approaches of some of our sessions where I was able to engage with pictures, diagrams and sometimes the simplicity of silence.” 

(Male professional)

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