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how does it work?


Sessions are offered in a private, scenic location just outside Chichester, West Sussex or on a monthly basis near the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. For clients living further afield, skype or face time sessions can be arranged if this is more convenient.


Finding the right counsellor to work with for you, involves many personal factors. I am very happy to offer an initial phone call for you to ask any questions you want to help you get a sense of whether you feel comfortable working with me or not. I can also offer an initial 'try it out' session with no further commitment, after which we can both decide how we wish to proceed.


The traditional approach to length of counselling sessions is for one hour. However, in a couples counselling context often 1.5 hrs is recommended. Also, clients travelling further distances often prefer to maximise their travel time by arranging longer sessions. Frequency of sessions can be agreed to your preference and circumstances from weekly, fortnightly or monthly; it should be carefully considered how the frequency of sessions would affect your desired goals.


"The help I received from Maggie enabled me to start a new chapter of my life. I came to clearly recognise patterns of old emotional self protection habits that were still crippling me and were, in fact, no longer neither necessary nor useful. It is liberating to live with an emerging set of new emotional responses to situations that previously floored me."

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